How can I help?

There are many things that people can do to help us with our work for HASTE.

1. Collect school supplies. We collect and ship out many boxes of stationery every year, so if you have any unwanted school supplies in good condition and are in the London area, please get in touch. Please note: we do not collect office supplies – ring binders, corporate notebooks, etc – only items that would be of use to nursery and primary schools, particularly pens and pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, paper and books for early-stage reading.

2. Come to a fundraiser. We hold several annual events to raise money for our schools, including a Garden Party in July and a Quiz Supper in November. For more information on these subscribe to updates from our events update page .

3. Run an event yourself. We are currently looking for anyone who would like to hold an event to support our cause and we can supply you with tools to do this (i.e. collecting tins, posters and leaflets).

4. Get going! We are always looking for people who have special skills that they can use to help our schools. In particular, runners who would like to take part in active sponsored events and keen crafters who can make things for us to sell. 

5. Sponsor our publications.
Not one penny of the money we raise is used in administration. Our publications and website are run by volunteers and printed thanks to generous sponsors who specify that their donation be used for this task. If you would like to sponsor the printing of our newsletter please do contact Sarah Warwick

6. Donate.

Help us to build schools with a donation. Any amount very welcome – please do so through our donation page. Don’t forget to give Gift Aid if you’re a UK Taxpayer…

We hope to carry on the good work of HASTE for many years to come. If you’d like to help us please do get in touch.

All our proceeds go to the kids who need it most. More HASTE = less need.

3 thoughts on “How can I help?

  1. I have a pack of 10 exercise books That I bought in error and would like to donate. Please can you tell me where to send them.

  2. we have a stack of writing pads that we’d like to offer. where can i drop them off or send them too

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