Our projects

Abuko Nursery School 

Our first school, opened in October 1997. At that time it was just a structure with a roof – two classrooms and a headmaster’s office. The children attending the school had to take anything they brought to school home with them each night because there were no doors and windows or security at all. In 2000 HASTE organised doors, windows, furniture, blackboards and educational materials. We subsequently have built a toilet block and provided the school with fencing and gates.

Erenyang Nursery School
Located by the headmaster’s compound (family home) in Erenyang, near Serrekunda, this school had a large termite infestation at one end of one of its two classrooms and it was in a very run down state with little furniture when we first saw it in 2000. HASTE immediately provided money for the termites to be removed and for the painting of the school. Since then it has provided furniture and a water tap as well as fencing for the school, toilets and a pen for the school pig. In 2010 we agreed to rebuild the school as there were large cracks in the building. The new school opened in May 2010 and there are currently 130 children enrolled in it.


Demaro HASTE Nursery School 
When we found this school in 2003, it was called Haddy’s and was being run by a Ministry of Education official, Musa Mendy. The school was just a one-room shack with a corrugated iron roof and was quite inadequate for the number of enrolled children. Although there was furniture and a blackboard, there were few books or teaching materials. Today it is a thriving three-room school with over 120 children. Moreover, HASTE has installed electric light so that adult-literacy classes can take place in the evenings; also a flush toilet and a store on the premises.


Paul Alex HASTE Nursery School
This school in Abuko was built in 2007. When we found the school it had 92 children in one rented room. The new school – the first to bear our name – is on land owned by the headmaster, where HASTE built three classrooms and a headmaster’s study.

Chamen Nursery
This is a brand-new nursery school on the north shore in a village where previously there was no nursery education and children had to walk miles each day for any education. The school opened in April 2010, and we paid the teachers of this school for a year to help the local community to get it up and running.


LBK HASTE nursery school

This project, in Fajakunda (a district south of Bangul), was built by HASTE in 2011 and opened in January 2012. It was set up by the headteacher, and named LBK after her father. The headmistress employs four teachers and the school has 45 children who all wear a uniform. The school is immaculately kept, and we’re very proud of its progress.

LCSLizzie Couch HASTE nursery school

This school, in the village of Sinchu, was founded with the proceeds of sponsorship collected by Lizzie Couch, who ran the marathon for us in 2011. We opened the school in 2012. In 2015 HASTE paid for a water tap and an on-site toilet so the children have facilities, and they enjoy a lovely large playground.

Erika Maylam HASTE nursery school

Our most recent completed project, this school in Sanyang province is quite remote – some distance out of Serrekunda and Bangul. We opened it in February 2015, and it now has around 70 pupils. At the opening, the elders of the village thanked HASTE and said that their children now had an opportunity for education – something they would not have had otherwise.

Serrekunda YWCA
We provided a new roof, decoration and book shelves for this hostel, which offers space and teaching assistance for children after school. Many of them have no electricity on their compounds so this is the only way they can do homework.

Kinteh Kunde Lower Basic School
Although most of our projects have been in south Gambia, we also worked at this school on the north shore where we painted the exterior, and provided blackboards, furniture and educational materials.

Kinteh Kunde Secondary School
We built a basketball pitch for this secondary school.

We also have a school in Uganda and one in Kenya. We plan to expand and support a new school every year from now on. Please help us to achieve this aim!

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