School supplies for Rwandan primary school

  In July 2013 one of our trustees, Sarah, went to Rwanda, staying in the Virunga Lodge in Volcanoes National Park. The Lodge is one of four owned by Volcanoes Safaris,  a company which – in addition to organising trekking in the area – funds community projects to work with local people.   Sarah wasContinue reading “School supplies for Rwandan primary school”

Well done Aimee!

Congratulations to the wonderful Aimee LeCouteur who yesterday ran the London Marathon for HASTE, raising £1000 for her 26.2mile achievement. After running it in a teeny 4 hours 16 she looked like she’d just gone for a stroll around the block (see picture of her plus yogurt bar) and reported nonchalantly that it “all wentContinue reading “Well done Aimee!”