Join HASTE’s Craft Club

Knitting pretty? Let us needle you into helping!

Ahoy there crafty cats!

Are you handy with a pair of knitting needles, crochet hook or sewing machine? Or perhaps hammer and nails, paper or glue? If so, the HASTE Craft Club needs your help.

We are looking for crafty people to help make items for our online Etsy handmade shop. Any kind of craft practised to a reasonable standard will get you admitted to the club and HASTE will supply materials and sell your products for the charity – all you have to do is supply the elbow grease, ideas and a little imagination.

Fancy knitting us a blanket? Go ahead! Matinee Jackets, bonnets, bootees, jumpers, scarfs, hats and gloves – all excellent ideas. But why stop there? We’d love to hear from knitters, sewsmiths, carpenters, dressmakers, jewellers, milliners, upholsterers – amateur and professional – who could donate something of their own making.

All products will be branded with our very-own ‘made for HASTE’ labels and sold for top prices to make the most money possible for Africa, with 100% of profits getting to the kids who need it most.

So dust off your artistic flair, dig that sewing machine out of the basement and make haste making something for HASTE.

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