Couch Potato Triumphs (and raises £7,000)

Couchie brings it home for HASTE

All London stood by in awe on Sunday April 17 as our first HASTE runner, the delectable Miss Lizzie Couch (pictured) completed the 26.2mile course in just 4 hours 18 minutes.

Speaking afterwards, she said, “It wasn’t as hard as I’d thought. I was quite annoyed, actually, because loads of people were walking so I got a bit stuck at the beginning. I’d do another one to get a better time. Having said that, all the supporters and the atmosphere was wonderful. What a great day!”

All the HASTE committee and supporters were very proud of her, and were delighted to accept £7,000 that she had raised. With some other fundraising we have done this year, we will be putting that into a £10,000, which we’ll be using to build two schools in The Gambia. Lizzie, alongside Judith, Sarah, Lucy and other supporters will be going over to help with the building process.

If anyone would still like to help with our fundraising, Lizzie’s online page will be open until July. See

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